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As a Facebook member, you can use the official BENTELER Facebook careers page to find out about entry-level and career opportunities, as well as the latest news about the company.

We are open to your questions, comments and suggestions and look forward to an exciting dialogue with you. However, we would ask you to bear in mind some rules to ensure that discussions remain respectful and friendly.

Please note that the contributions of Facebook users posted to our page do not necessarily represent the opinions of the BENTELER Group itself. As the operator of the page, BENTELER International AG assumes no liability or responsibility for any comments or links posted by users.

We ask that users do not post the following content to our careers page and remind them that the company reserves the right to remove such content:

  • Insults, sexual innuendos and sexist or racist statements
  • Offensive or extreme right-wing content, or content that poses a risk to young people
  • Obviously untrue statements
  • Statements that affect people’s intimate or private lives, or breach confidentiality, and are not legitimately in the public interest
  • Content that breaks German law – for example, copyright or privacy rights
  • Internal company information about BENTELER
  • Advertising or other commercial content

We thank you for your understanding and hope you enjoy our page! The BENTELER Facebook team

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