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If you think that you are different, then you are exactly right to choose BENTELER. Are you looking for success? Do you have multi-tasking skills and team spirit, or do you tackle problems gladly? Are you trustworthy and can you convince your counterpart easily and effortlessly? What are your strengths and what makes up your personality?

BENTELER is an attractive employer with a great variety of opportunities for newcomers and newly promoted employees in the entire group. We want you to contribute your individuality and personality, irrespective of whether you are pursuing a career in a specialized subject, management or projects, since we are seeking strong individuals who are ready to contribute actively to the firm's progress and success.

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A career changer with creative foresight

Sofia Theleskog

How does one end up in design engineering after working in economics and human ecology? What makes Sofia Theleskog’s story even more interesting is that she has also been a schoolteacher, conducted market research in airports, and toured the world for an entire year, working in such far-flung places as Australia and Southeast Asia. Now in her early forties, Theleskog has tried her hand at quite a number of things, but there is one passion that runs through her life like a thread: creativity. Since 2003 she has been Lead Design Engineer at BENTELER Engineering in Göteborg. Most of her time is spent with an outside customer, a major automobile manufacturer, where she concentrates mainly on designing the interiors of the cars it produces. It is she who decides which surface materials, carpeting, and amenities will make up their interior fittings.

“At the beginning of my professional career I was pretty undecided, which is why I have tried my hand at various jobs over the course of my life. But there came a time when I wanted finally to have a permanent job with good prospects for advancement, and I began studying design engineering.”


At BENTELER Engineering the mother of two is able to bring multiple talents to bear. For example, she can combine her creativity and her flair for design with her communication skills. She sees herself as a consultant mediating between the customer and the supplier.

“This field of work is also very exciting. When so many people are working on a product, in what would strike many onlookers as a state of chaos, and this beautiful, perfectly designed car ultimately emerges in spite of everything—that is truly impressive!”

Another benefit that Theleskog enjoys in particular is the opportunity to work for many different projects, products, and customers. It prevents things from ever becoming boring, and every day brings a new challenge. She is very happy with her current position, but is open to the idea of becoming more heavily involved in computer-aided design (CAD).

Friendliness and perfectionism

As a creative designer, producing work that reflects a love of detail is very important to Theleskog. Nevertheless, she avoids getting bogged down in months of refinement by taking a structured approach to the planning of her projects. The needs of the customer must be reconciled with product requirements and design considerations.

“People also say that I’m a very friendly person. ‘True happiness is to make other people happy’—that is in a way my motto. I’m very socially inclined and feel at home as part of a team. Many things work better in life if you think positively.”

Apart from her children and getting together with friends, Theleskog has many creative hobbies. She goes twice a week for training in capoeira, a martial art style that combines in perfect balance elements of dance and fighting. And the list gets longer: painting, knitting, dancing, singing, cooking, cycling, gardening, and anything that has to do with creativity. It is a life in which creativity is clearly the dominant thread.

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