Getting started at BENTELER

We're constantly on the look out for people of all ages and with various backgrounds to help us continue our tradition of success. We do everything to offer everyone at BENTELER - no matter their level of experience - the chance to take on compelling challenges and grow as a professional.


Making the decision to go to work before or instead of pursuing a college degree can help you learn valuable hands-on skills and secure a rewarding professional future. We have a history of offering young people the chance to further their careers, because we truly believe the future of our company is in their hands. As an apprentice or intern at BENTELER, you’ll receive dedicated mentoring every step of the way, we’ll foster your curiosity and you’ll have all the room you need to grow and explore.

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Deciding to combine your academic pursuits with responsibility at BENTELER means taking on challenges that will equip you with valuable practical and theoretical knowledge. We believe in interdisciplinary thinking, learning and doing. As a student at BENTELER you’ll receive the perfect partner for your academic endeavors and be poised to take on meaningful responsibility either at BENTELER or somewhere else in industry by the time you complete your degree program.

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Working at BENTELER after finishing a college degree program is an exciting prospect for many aspiring professionals. Due to the diverse range of challenges we face today, we rely on a wide array of academic backgrounds to help us maintain our competitive edge. As a recent graduate you will receive all the time you need to continue to explore and find the field you find most compelling. We believe a graduate that has the chance to find their true passion can enjoy a long and successful career.

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We do our best to create an environment that not only makes a mid-career switch appealing, but will also make the switch worthwhile for years to come.

At BENTELER you will enjoy a truly international network, compelling challenges, long-term investment in your personal growth as well as an atmosphere of respect and trust. We never try to squeeze anyone into a particular mold, rather we offer everyone room to share their knowledge and experience. We need qualified professionals for our various departments, including engineering, sales, controlling, finance/accounting, purchasing, IT and development/production – and we promise an environment in which everyone can apply their expertise in a fulfilling manner and continue to develop both personally and professionally.

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