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If you think that you are different, then you are exactly right to choose BENTELER. Are you looking for success? Do you have multi-tasking skills and team spirit, or do you tackle problems gladly? Are you trustworthy and can you convince your counterpart easily and effortlessly? What are your strengths and what makes up your personality?

BENTELER is an attractive employer with a great variety of opportunities for newcomers and newly promoted employees in the entire group. We want you to contribute your individuality and personality, irrespective of whether you are pursuing a career in a specialized subject, management or projects, since we are seeking strong individuals who are ready to contribute actively to the firm's progress and success.

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A laser specialist who travels the world

David Tomáš

As a global company, BENTELER has a lot to offer when it comes to international collaboration among colleagues. But few people have seen so much of the world within just two years as David Tomáš. In his job as a laser specialist, he traveled to India, South Africa, Brazil and the United States for professional exchange with other laser specialists in those countries. “This was very interesting for me. I gained great experiences from these trips.”

At home in Chrastava, David is in charge of programming and maintaining machines. He also works in fixture development. And when new machines are needed, he is the specialist who compiles specifications and then places the order.

A lot of David’s work revolves around machinery, which make his job especially interesting for him. He is responsible for lots of different areas of work, and his tasks vary greatly. “That’s why I enjoy my job so much: It’s different every day. No two days are alike.” It’s a challenge that David is happy to accept and that keeps him on his toes.

Mechanical engineering, too, is a legacy in David’s family. His father is a trained mechanical engineer, and so is David, who earned his degree from the Technical University of Liberec.

“Right after high school, I worked at the assembly line of a large automotive company for a year. Then I went on to study at the technical university.” After his studies, David joined BENTELER and has stayed here ever since. It’s been twelve years so far, and counting. “I have already received so many great opportunities here, such as my foreign travels. I’m convinced that I have great chances for development at BENTELER.”

“When BENTELER offered me a job, I knew right away that this was the right thing for me. And I must say: I’m also quite happy with my salary.”

Taking on challenges
Another challenge that David is happy to tackle every day has nothing to do with lasers at all. He has a young child, so when he comes home, he is immediately occupied with “dad tasks”. Here as well, as for all parents, no two days are alike.

David loves the outdoors, and it’s not surprising that his favorite sports are cross-country skiing and mountain biking. As with his job at BENTELER, he has to stay at the top of his game because mistakes can have unwanted consequences. It’s not obvious at first what a failed laser and a flat tire have in common. But for David, they can sometimes both pose the same level of risk – and can mean an inability to advance. But as a trained mechanical engineer, David always has a solution at hand.

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