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If you think that you are different, then you are exactly right to choose BENTELER. Are you looking for success? Do you have multi-tasking skills and team spirit, or do you tackle problems gladly? Are you trustworthy and can you convince your counterpart easily and effortlessly? What are your strengths and what makes up your personality?

BENTELER is an attractive employer with a great variety of opportunities for newcomers and newly promoted employees in the entire group. We want you to contribute your individuality and personality, irrespective of whether you are pursuing a career in a specialized subject, management or projects, since we are seeking strong individuals who are ready to contribute actively to the firm's progress and success.

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A quality master who gives an edge to development

Tomáš Luft

The BENTELER Group operates in competitive markets. Success is based on solid and dependable client relationships, on mutual trust, and on the innovative results of research and development. All these are worthless, however, if products and processes cannot live up to the standards that the market demands. When Tomáš Luft joined the Czech division of BENTELER in Rumburk, he was already a trained quality engineer with a background in mechanical engineering and engineering technology. He had also already gained some international experience – and was ready to take on a new challenge.

At BENTELER, Tomáš had the chance to implement a quality management system that adhered strictly to the rules of international standards but that also demanded his own creativity. His handwriting is visible throughout the QM system, and he is proud that this system is now used across several BENTELER plants in the Czech Republic. “It’s like a dream come true for me. I always wanted this career. When I got a chance to pursue it at BENTELER, I took it. And look where we’re now!”

With his drive and enthusiasm, Tomáš transformed QM at his plant. He enjoys to fully invest himself in his work and is thankful for the support he received in achieving his goals. “They show their appreciation and help me with strategic career development.”

“BENTELER needed someone to push quality management forward. That’s where I could help.” The automotive industry was entirely new to Tomáš when he joined the company, and he was excited to learn about the new requirements for his task. Aside from his formal training, his personal skills are a big asset in his daily work. “I’m very communicative and make sure I’m flexible in my work. That helps me when working with clients because client conversations aren’t always easy. That’s how I can make sure the outcome is satisfactory for everyone involved.”

For now, Tomáš has found his professional home at BENTELER. He has plans for continuous improvements in the QM sector. His background in engineering is a great asset for this. “I’m good at technical things. And we currently have a large focus on quality, so I know I’ll be needed at BENTELER for the foreseeable future.”

A need for speed and calmness
Tomáš is dedicated to what he does at BENTELER, and he’s proud that in his mid-thirties, he could already make such a strong impact on the company. But he also knows that work is only a part of life. “I always make sure I have enough time in my day that I can spend with my family, especially my child.” Together, they go biking, skiing or inline skating.

“Playing sports frees my mind.” So playing football, squash and ice hockey are the perfect additions to Tomáš’ work day. And when he needs to have some low-key time alone, he goes fishing. “That gives me time to think and at the same time do something useful. I already look forward to a delicious meal when I unpack my gear at the river.”

Tomáš lives by his personal motto: “He who wants to change his own life should look for possibilities, not for excuses.” He applies this idea to his personal life and every day at work for BENTELER where he is continuously on the lookout for new challenges.

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